.env Manager — Quick way to create Environment Variables

A useful VS Code extension to add entries to your .env files

Utkarsh Shigihalli
2 min readJun 30, 2022

Do you use .env files to manage your environment variables in your local dev environment? .env Manager is a small VSCode extension to quickly add values to .env file, either selecting a text or running the command.


Checkout the quick demo.


The extension exposes a command called .env Manager: Add to .env. The command is available in VS Code "Command Palette" which you can also access using shortcut Cmd + Shift + P on Mac.

Alternatively you can also right click on any active editor and select .env Manager: Add to .env from the context menu.

If the folder does not contain .env file at the root, the extension attempts to create it before adding the line.

Make sure you backup your .env file if you have very important secrets in the .env file.

Never commit your .env file in to source control.



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