Using 1Password SSH client for commit signing in DevContainers

Streamlining Secure Commits: Integrating 1Password SSH Client for Commit Signing in DevContainers

Utkarsh Shigihalli
3 min readJun 3, 2024

I store SSH keys in my password manager of choice 1Password and also use 1Password as an SSH client to sign my commits on GitHub. It works flawlessly on MacBook with Touch ID integration, making it ideal for my productivity workflow.

However, setting up the same workflow of using the 1Password SSH client to sign my commits from my DevContainer took a bit of effort. This was mainly due to the way 1Password requires you to set up your .gitconfig, and also 1Password SSH client is not available in DevContainer.

After numerous tries, I think I have finally found the solution. In this post, I will show you how I have set it up so that anyone trying to do the same may find it useful.

Storing SSH keys in 1Password

I can store any existing SSH keys or generate a new key easily using 1Password. You will then need to register this key to GitHub.

Enabling 1Password SSH…



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